We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals with 17 years of experience dedicated 100% to the recycling and treatment of plastic waste from WEEE, EOLV and refrigerators coming from RAEES (Electronics, PAE, refrigerators, etc) and Out of Use Vehicles.

GALEA POLYMERS, S.L. arises from the need to manage mixtures of plastics that are difficult to value.

In Galea we are specialists in plastic mixtures of WEEE and out of use vehicles.

In addition, we have our own plant exclusively dedicated to this type of waste, it´s the first plant of these characteristics in Spain. We are in the process of expansion.


  • Waste negotiator.
  • License for storage, transfer, milling and separation of waste.


We offer products and services of high quality and clearly differentiated. For this we use highly industrialized processes designed by our excellent technical team which has more than 17 years of experience in the sector.

In Galea we are dedicated to maintaining excellence through technological vigilance and constant innovation.



At Galea, we are very clear that we can only succeed in business by offering quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers.



In Galea we are part of the solution to the Waste Management of our community. Respect for the environment and the conservation of natural resources are part of our DNA. As is to be expected, our own activity of waste valorization has a highly positive impact on our ecological footprint.

In addition, we minimize our environmental impact by adopting energy saving measures and very practical such as:

Use of rainwater from our roofs.

Use in our processes of engines and high performance reducers.

Minimization of logistic routes in plant.

We help you sharing our experience, do not hesitate to contact us. In environmental issues we can not be selfish because nature belongs to all of us and it is our job to take care of it.

We work to move the world towards a better, greener and more sustainable place,
and we will continue in that direction always surrounding ourselves with the best professionals and collaborators.


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Poligono Industrial de Santecilla s/n
Santecilla – Valle de Mena 09585 BURGOS

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Polígono Industrial de Santecilla, s/n
Valle de Mena 09585 Burgos - Spain